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Interior decorating can make or break the attractiveness of a home. Each house is unique, but there are some common interior decorating tricks that can help you elevate your space. Interior decorating is important to homeowners looking to sell, potential buyers, and even those wanting to spruce up their homes. Whether you are looking for houses for sale in Frisco or simply exploring the Prosper real estate market, understanding interior decorating can help you realize your dream home.

Add some houseplants

Houseplants can be a powerful tool to revitalize your home. Using plants as a part of your home’s interior decor can elevate a modern style in the space. In recent years, the popularity of houseplants has increased. Adding a touch of greenery to your home can help give the space a welcoming feel. Using plants as a decor piece can contribute to an attractive style and add interest to the home.

Placement is important to keeping plants healthy and maximizing their impact on the home. They can be used to create a connection between the indoors and nature. They can also be used to create a natural flow and add to a cohesive design within the home. Plants can help create a healthy and clean environment within the home on top of the aesthetic benefits. Houseplants filter oxygen, purifying the fresh air within the space. Plants within your home can increase your mood while reducing stress.

Neutral colors

A neutral color scheme can offer a good baseline for stylish interior decorating. Neutral colors like gray, black, beige, ivory, taupe, and shades of white are ideal. Light, muted colors on walls are a neutral background to guide the focus to other interior design elements in the space. A common misconception about using neutral colors is that they are boring, but in reality, they can be a valuable tool in interior decor.

Neutral base colors can be used as a blank canvas to decorate. With neutral colors in the background, there are more opportunities to experiment with different bright and bold colors in other aspects of the interior decoration, like furniture, wall art, and other components of the home. Neutral colors create a clean and versatile starting point for interior decorating your house.

Statement pieces

Stylish interior decor can be centered around a few unique and bold pieces in the home. A statement piece can be any item that adds personality to a room. It can be something personal to you and your loved ones or simply a beautiful piece full of bold colors. A statement piece tends to be the focal point of a room, adding intrigue to the space. It is important that the statement piece has a special meaning that is personal to you. His can help the piece remain timeless through the years.

A statement piece can be a great conversation starter for guests visiting the home. This can be especially meaningful when the piece is important to a personal story, memory, or interest. If there is a specific piece that is important to incorporate in a room as a statement piece, it can be used as a starting point. The rest of the decor can be used to compliment the statement piece. In interior design, it is helpful to function under a minimalist mentality when working with statement pieces. One statement piece per room is a good general guideline to avoid cluttering or making a space feel too busy. Using statement pieces when interior decorating your home can help elevate the style in the space.

Decorate with the goal of a cohesive design

Creating a consistent and cohesive style throughout your home can contribute to a clean and organized aesthetic within the space. While it may not be realistic to plan every single aspect of your interior decor before actually starting, it can be helpful to reference pieces and design elements you already have when seeking out new additions. For instance, if you see a beautiful table that you would love to add to your dining room, consider how the colors, textures, size, and other design elements of the table would complement the items you already have for the room. While this room table may call to you at the moment, does the rustic light oak flow with the sleek black and white style throughout the rest of the house? Taking into consideration how pieces will complement or clash with the rest of the space can help create a cohesive interior design within your home.

Do not forget functionality!

When interior decorating, it may feel easy to fall into the trap of form over function, but it’s important not to forget the principal purpose of your home is to live in it. While decorating the space, do regular check-ins to confirm that the space is still practical for your life. Consider whether pieces will be helpful, neutral, or counterproductive to your lifestyle and needs.

For instance, a gorgeous ivory velvet couch may fit the modern style in the living room, but is it practical in a home with young children? Another example would be adding a stellar celestial chandelier may elevate the look of your spare room, but when the most common way you use the space is as a home office, will there really be enough light for you to work with? While the goal of interior decorating is to beautify the space, do not forget the practical elements that make your home work for you.

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