Improve Your Initial Offers by Making These Changes When Selling Your Home

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Sellers listing their homes in the Park Cities have location working in their favor. Highland Park is a quiet town near Dallas’ center, while University Park boasts beautiful parks and quality school districts for families. Even so, there’s plenty a seller can do to generate higher offers from buyers. Follow the home selling tips below to make the most of your listing.

Sell with a quality agent

Sellers should always partner with a quality agent, like Tina Shaheen, who knows the area well. The best agents deeply understand local market trends and use their knowledge to help sellers price and time home listings. Agents also have access to tools like a local MLS, which is crucial in effectively marketing a home and garnering buyer interest.

Tina is well-versed in home selling and can help you prepare your property according to local buyer pool expectations. In general, sellers who list their homes with an agent tend to make more than sellers who list a home themselves. This is partly because sellers lack the resources to market and accurately price a property. Many buyers’ agents also prefer working with an agent rather than with a seller directly, which can decrease the number of offers an FSBO seller receives.

Get a pre-listing inspection

Many significant issues in a home go unnoticed until buyers make a home inspection after an offer. Serious repairs can negatively impact the offer price or cause an offer to fall through. To avoid this, sellers can order a pre-listing inspection and tend to any problems before listing Park Cities luxury homes. The most common home inspection issues for Texas properties include worn-down mechanical systems, cracked roof shingles, and faulty electrical wiring.

Make smart upgrades

Another way to increase the value of a home and attract more buyers to the property is to make smart upgrades. Not all upgrades have the same return on investment (ROI) or appeal to the local buyer pool. As a seller, you can ask your agent for suggestions on the best projects or stick to reliable renovations that garner high returns, like bathroom and kitchen upgrades.

Some of the most popular remodeling trends in Dallas suburbs like the Park Cities include a switch to an open floor plan, quartz countertops and backsplashes in the kitchen, and additional office spaces. Sellers can also implement other popular changes like an outdoor living space or eco-friendly additions.

List at the right time

The listing time makes all the difference in the number and quality of offers made on Park Cities homes for sale. Sellers should aim for listing during sellers’ market conditions or when there isn’t enough housing supply to meet buyer demand. This results in increased median prices and higher levels of buyer competition. Seasonality can also impact buyer demand as most buyers start their search in spring. Generally, sellers in the DFW area have the most success in late March.  

Price the listing correctly

It’s easy to price a listing incorrectly without the assistance of an experienced agent. Sellers should avoid overpricing a listing when soliciting high offers, as it may result in the opposite of your desired effect. Overpriced homes tend to linger on the market, and once a listing price drops, buyers will be less willing to make an offer. Sellers who overprice a home also make it harder for qualified buyers to find their properties using price range filters on listing sites.

Work on curb appeal

Nature views are a coveted amenity of the Park Cities, as homes are nearby community parks and green spaces. Sellers should emphasize this amenity by tending to their home’s curb appeal. Take the time to mow lawns, trim trees, and sweep walkways. This leaves buyers with an excellent first impression of the home and increases the chances of receiving an offer.

Even if a property doesn’t have a sprawling front yard, sellers can still tidy the front entryway to increase a home’s visual appeal. Start by cleaning or repainting the front door, then wipe away surrounding dust or cobwebs. Redecorate with a new doormat or a pot of flowers for a welcoming ambiance.

Clean and stage the home

Cleaning and staging can seriously impact a home’s purchase price. NAR reports that sellers who invested 1.3% in staging had an average return of 7.1%. Staged homes also tend to sell faster than non-staged competition. To stage, sellers should clean the property from top to bottom, then declutter and depersonalize spaces. Focus on neutral-toned décor and keep rooms well-lit with natural and artificial light.

Market diligently

A listing that creates competition between multiple buyers has a better chance of generating a high-priced offer. To attract multiple buyers, a seller needs to market the home. Marketing increases a listing’s visibility, making it easily accessible to buyers in the area. An agent is particularly valuable at this stage as they’ll have the necessary tools and strategies.

An agent markets a home online by taking professional photos, listing the property on a local MLS, and advertising the listing on high-traffic sites like Facebook or Instagram. Sellers’ agents also search for interested buyers and schedule in-person home showings. An agent may send out paper flyers or organize an open house to target the entire buyer pool.

Ready to sell your home?

Sellers listing their properties have several options available to them when aiming for a high-priced sale. Projects that improve a home’s condition, like repairs and upgrades, increase a property’s value. This allows sellers to price their listings higher while remaining competitive. Agents can help a seller price the listing, time out a home sale, and market the property.

When you’re ready to list Park Cities home for sale, contact experienced agent Tina Shaheen for professional help. As an experienced investor and realtor, Tina brings extensive knowledge of the residential market throughout Greater Dallas. Get in touch and discover how Tina can connect you with the dozens of available luxury homes in Park Cities.

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